Diving Equipment

"Which piece of diving equipment should I buy first? How do I choose my first diving regulator? Is it better to choose a classic BCD or a 'wing'? Which dive computer suits me best? Should I choose long fins or shorter ones? Such and similar questions are very common after a diving course. And there are many correct answers. Diving equipment for recreational divers differs from the equipment for professional or technical divers. Divers have their own needs, their desires, their own way of diving and all this affects their decision when they have to choose the right equipment. Therefore our diving instructors are here to assist you to you before you make your decision.

We have prepared the best - high class diving manufacturers Scubapro, Aqualung and Suunto with the widest range of diving products. Here you may find some selected diving products. If you are interested in any other product that you cannot find, you may always contact us.

Are you ready to choose your new piece of diving equipment?